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Ideate Design Thinking Challenge 2020

Ideate Id held our very first batch of Ideate's 5-week Design Thinking Challenge program last June- July.

Through this program, the participants have learned about:

  • An introduction to design thinking

  • An in-depth exploration of each of the 5 stages of design thinking

  • Application of design thinking to a case study

  • Team work and brainstorming methods

  • Design thinking challenge between groups

We challenge the participants to solve a case study. The challenge is to redesign a library for Jaden, a 13-year old boy who likes playing soccer and goes to library with his mother every week.

After we dug deep into his Persona, here are some results of our group brainstorm ideas on the question "How might we... make the library the coolest place for Jaden?"

  • Bring in a robot/ machine learning to welcome library guests and guide them to find the book that they're looking for

  • Create a hobbies room for photography, painting, etc

  • Invite famous and inspiring figures to share and give book recommendations

Stay tuned for more exciting events!

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